Independent Risk Advisors

We help institutional investors and financial advisors understand the underlying risks of their investments.


We have no strings attached. So we provide critical input for your decision-making process


We know how hard it is to outperform and create value. So we don’t take a narrative at face value


We are always looking to learn. So we like to ask why and how.

"Breadth of view … is one of the essentials of our profession. The interplay of ideas and the oblique uses of knowledge are often of extraordinary interest."

Sherlock Holmes

"Any fool can make a fortune; it takes a man of brains to hold onto it."

Commodore Vanderbilt

"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."

Daniel Pat Moynihan


We help you understand and mitigate the downside risk of your investments.


Outsourced Due Diligence

Who do we help?

  • An investment dealer who wants to distribute a new product.
  • A family office that wants to corroborate the narrative of an investment pitch.
  • An investment advisor considering adding a new fund to their book.


Independent Opinions

Who do we help?

  • An investor who wants a second opinion about an investment pitch.
  • An entrepreneur looking for critical feedback about their business plan.
  • A trader who wants to stress-test an arbitrage strategy.


We provide critical analysis of key variables used to make financial decisions.


We know where to look to follow the money when it sounds too good to be true.


Financial Investigations

Who do we help?

  • A person who thinks they are victim of a financial fraud.
  • An investor in need of an enhanced due diligence report.
  • A business owner looking to recover his investment after a scam.

    We strive to preserve value

    Our work has kept our clients out of trouble by:

    • Performing due diligence on private debt funds, which raised several red flags. One of the funds later ended in a receivership proceeding after an investigation done by the regulator.
    • Auditing a registered investment advisor’s performance that sounded too good to be true. The advisor years after received a cease and desist order from the SEC.
    • Providing an opinion on OneCoin that stopped a client from investing in the now-known scam.

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